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Mary Pickford’s Gold Travel Clock Michael Jackson's custom shirt
  • 14K Yellow gold
  • 7.2" Long
  • 36 Brilliant cut diamonds around the case total 6ct
  • Weight 260 gr
This is the original Gold travel clock of silent movie actress Mary Pickford. She was known as "America's Sweetheart" during the 1920's and was co-founder of the film studio United Artists.

  • Mary Pickford’s Gold Travel Clock, engraved with initials MP.

  • British made of 14 karat yellow gold and metal the clock is 4” x 4”

  • It’s an 8-day clock, which only needs to be wound once a week

The shirt is a burgundy silk long-sleeve button front shirt customized with black silk armband on right arm, triple seven metal charms sewn onto epaulets, and eagle over unicorn crest buttons.

The story behind:
Back in 1995 Diane Sawyer was the queen of TV and Michael Jackson was the king of pop, but cracks started showing in his reign after child sexual abuse allegations.
TV networks battled on getting an interview with M.J. and
ABC news got it. There are lots of people in the TV industry that will say that the behind the scenes deal making process of ABC news with Michael Jackson changed the whole game of getting high profile interviews to something much dirtier, but what’s done is done and Diane Sawyer got to interview the king of pop and his then wife Lisa Marie Presley for a live interview with tons of hard personal questions and issues for 60 million people to watch.
In this interview Michael Jackson wore a unique custom silk shirt which over night got to be highly recognizable, mainly because this interview was so important for the TV industry, the music industry and naturally for M.J.’s life.
Michael Jackson's military style jacket
Michael Jackson's jacket made by Tompkins & Bush.
This one of a kind jacket was made especially for Michael Jackson by his wardrobe duo "Micahel Bush & Dennis Tompkins" who made his gloves, jackets and more. The jacket has a big Jackson's signature on the right hand sleeve.

These are Ray Charles' Cazal Model 951 sunglasses. They were given to Ray Charles when he performed on August 4, 1996 at the Atlanta Summer Olympics closing ceremonies at the Savannah Civic Center where he sang "America The Beautiful". They come with a letter of authenticity.